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Tactile Maps and images are simplified, enlarged versions of a printed image that can be read by a visually impaired person using just their fingertips.

Tactile information allows access to visual graphical information for blind and partially sighted people and can give visitors an accessible floor plan of your building, allowing them to find and use the facilities within a venue with more confidence and independence.

To illustrate the range of uses, on the left you can see a comprehensive tactile map of a venue and a simplified tactile version of a teddy bear.

If you have a need to produce a map, floor plan or image in a tactile format, please contact us and we can advise you on the best way to produce it for you.

Self adhesive clear Braille stickers are used in many ways from labelling CDs to pharmaceutical packaging.

We can supply various sizes to suit different needs, all on the same high specification clear plastic.

You can see on the left a Braille sticker being used on the back of a business card, however, we can supply labels up to A4 in size and the
durability of these braille stickers means that they can be used in many places in the home office or industry.

Braille Stickers

Braille self adhesive label on a business card Tactile image of a teddy bear

Please contact us to discuss your options

Contact Us

Tactile Maps and Pictures

Tactile map