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All our material is produced to RNIB guidelines to increase the accessibility of the document for as wide a range of people as possible


We have over two decades experience in providing Alternative Media.


We can help you with all your Large Print, accessibility solutions.


Please contact us to discuss your options

Contact Us

We provide a cost effective method for you to present printed information to people with poor vision.

Accurate, Quality Large Print…

Large Print document of 18 point text with comb binding

The production of large print versions of  a document involves more than just making the print bigger or blowing the document up on the office photocopier.

There are a number of elements to consider when producing a large print document, for example; Typeface, Type size, Type weight, Letter and Word spacing, Line length, Justification, Contrast, Colour and Paper type.

Our standard format of accessible large print, is normally 18pt using the Arial typeface, considered the most accessible, typeface. This ensures that the text is accessible to a high percentage of people with a visual impairment whilst keeping documents to a manageable size.

No single size is suitable for everyone. If you are asked for information in large print find out, if you can, which print size best suits their needs. We can of course produce material in larger or jumbo sizes.

All documents can be produced in a range of, print sizes using heavyweight paper so that double-sided documents are produced without heavy print showing through.

Over 1.5 million people cannot read standard print.

75% of partially sighted people can access large print and large print versions of documents are essential for many disabled people, including people with learning disabilities, dyslexia and problems with coordination or manual dexterity.