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Large Print

About Large Print…

Braille Printing

About Braille Printing…

Audio Transcription

About Voice Recordings…

A single copy and high volume documents, are delivered on time and on budget.

Our transcriptions are compliant with the UK Disability Act and to RNIB guidelines to increase the accessibility of the document for as wide a range of people as possible.

You will receive informed advice on all aspects of our production process, and a final product that uses techniques that engage and inform your customer.

We specialise in the prompt delivery of Low Cost Braille, Large Print and Recordings for the Blind for businesses and organisations.

Braille self-adhesive labels supplied which can be used on business cards, literature or on packaging. more…

We also supply maps, simple diagrams and pictures can produced in a “tactile format,” so that the Braille reader can get close to the original. more…

Please contact us for all your Braille, Audio or Large Print accessibility needs.

Providing Access to Printed Material 
for Visually Impaired People.